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Alex Call; Photo: Victoria Kove Alex's first band was The Tiny Hearing Aid Company, who later evolved into Clover in the late 60ís. With Clover he did most of the lead vocals and songwriting (his strongest domain) from 1967-1978.

When Clover broke up, Alex embarked on a solo career and had various hits as a songwriter. He wrote Pat Benatar's 'Little Too Late' which gave him a Platinum album. 'Perfect World', which he wrote for Huey Lewis and the News was another Platinum album and '867-5309/Jenny' for Tommy Tutone was gold. In addition to his songwriting for other artists Alex released his first two solo albums, "Alex Call" in 1983 and "A Simple Life" in 1992.

In 1998 the German Taxim label (link at bottom of the page) released Alex's third solo album "Book of Time". The German Rolling Stone - June 1998 - wrote the following about "Book of Time" (rough translation):

"Those who say that they don't know who Alex Call is are lying or they have missed 30 years of pop music by sleeping. During the 60s and 70s Call was guitarist and songwriter with the Westcoast cult-band Clover. A band who supported Elvis Costello on his debut album "My Aim Is True", and Huey Cregg (aka Huey Lewis) belonged to. After Clover's demise Call worked as a hit-producer for Pat Benatar, Mr. Big, Huey Lewis, Southside Johnny and Carlene Carter. "Book of Time" (Taxim TX 2034-2) is Call's new album. Sure, someone who wrote hits for his collegues won't release an album full of bad songs, subsequently do all 14 songs - placed between country-rock, pop and folk - have the potential to be hits. This fact also tells us why "Book Of Time" is one of the candidates for "Songwriter Album of the Year" in the USA. One should have to think about the re-installation of the 'musical monitoring system', if this award goes pass Alex Call."

Taxim also released a 5-Track-CD which features the single versions of the songs "Book Of Time" and "Beautiful Tombstone", plus three songs which cannot be found on the album. These are "Perfect World" which Alex once gave to Huey Lewis and the News and features the late Chris Michie on lead guitar; "Making Up For Lost Love" and "Volkswagen Bus".

Alex, who is a San Francisco native, lives in Nashville now and works as a songwriter. At the end of 2003 Alex built his own website (link underneath) and besides writing songs for other artists (that's what songwriters do :) he started to work on solo album number four. "Incredibly Thick" was released in August 2004 and features twelve incredibly thick songs with complicated chord progressions, vague lyrics and melodies only Alex can sing :) Honestly, except maybe John Gorka, Alex seems to be the only one to come up with such a strong album these days - the lyrics make you think and smile and the music placed between country and rock succesfully supports this journey.

Alex has released the album all by himself and distributes it exclusively through CD Baby (link underneath). Once you have the CD in the mail you might think "Incredibly Thin" but that's just the packing (all liner notes can be found on Alex' website). When you put the CD into your stereo system you know why the album deserves its name. "Incredibly Thick" is a masterpiece. Songs like "Where Does Love Go" and "I Can See It From Here" (co-written by Huey Lewis) underline that Alex knows how to write deeply meaningful songs of love. On the other hand, songs like "No Place For Hate" take a closer look at the real world and hopefully help to destroy simple 'black and white' pictures of the world which some politicians try to implant into our heads. This does not mean that the album only wants to educate - Alex surely wants to fight "The Good Fight" and does - the album can be fun as well, as the live version of "867-5309/Jenny" which was recorded at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville shows.

Well, why not check out the album yourself is incredibly thick and has many slices to offer. Links are provided underneath and as mentioned before, the album is all worth the price!!!

In 2008 Alex Call and his wife Lisa Carrie released a CD for the Quint Studer Group entitled "Passion & Purpose". Alex is singing all the lead vocals and has written all 14 songs. The album is kind of a concept album though, as its songs are based on Quint Studer's ideas which are basically about making a difference ... you better go to the accompanying website for further information. You can also listen to the entire album on that website.

Lisa Carrie, a professional vocalist made a name for herself singing with country-pop stalwarts Eddy Arnold and Mickey Gilley, then enjoyed a tenure on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry with country-music legend Charlie Louvin and she bewitched audiences in Las Vegas alongside Wayne Newton. In 2005 Carrie released her first album, In Another Life, produced by Andrew Gold.

"Passion & Purpose" so far received mixed reviews ... but which album doesn't. I like the album very much ... great music, great musicians and even though some songs sound more like Foreigner or U2, Alex's songwriting and voice are brilliant as ever.

 Alex Call

Lisa Carrie

Solo Discography

  • 1983 Alex Call (Arista #205393)
  • 1992 A Simple Life (CatchARabbit #CAR-92005)
  • 1998 Book Of Time (Taxim #TX 2034-2 TA)
  • 2004 Incredibly Thick (Big Cuts Records/Spirit Mountain Music)
  • 2008 Passion & Purpose (Studerrecords)

    Alex CallAlex Call
    (Arista 1983)
    Just Another Saturday Night -- Blue Avenue -- Dark Side Of The Night -- Annie Donít Lie -- Love Dogs -- New Romeo -- Going Through The Motions -- Hung Over You -- There Goes Another Fool In Love -- You Donít Have To Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight

    Alex Call (vocals); Tony Braunagel (drums), John Pierce (bass), Peter Wolf (keyboards), Peter Maunu (guitars); John McFee (guitar/ background vocals); Steve Price (percussion); Joel Jaffe (crunch guitar); Lorin Rowan, Zoe Fox, Reni Grilli, Charra Yuill-Thorton, Bill Gibson, Chris Hayes (background vocals)

    Read Alex Call's ARISTA Biography

    Out of print!
    A Simple LifeA Simple Life
    (CatchARabbit 1992)
    IWANNABSMBDY -- It Was Mine -- Directly To Your Heart -- A Time That Never Was -- Lonely River -- A Simple Life -- Don't Leave Now -- In A Land Forgotten -- Who Needs Love -- House Of Midnight

    Alex Call (vocals and various other instruments); John Main (bass), Kevin Wells (drums); David Jenkins (lead guitar); Alex Murzyn (sax); Doug Harmon (cello), Jeanette Sartain, Loralee Christensen and Lorin Rowan (backing vocals); Chris Michie (guitar)

    Out of print!
    Book of TimeBook of Time
    (Taxim Records 1998)
    Book of Time -- Beautiful Tombstone -- I'll be Sleeping Alone Tonight -- 867-5309 / Jenny -- The Loneliest Highway in the World -- Winkelman's Farm -- This Time, This Place, This Woman, And This Man -- Idaho -- Adrienne -- Underground -- River of Thunder -- Lillian's Eyes -- The Odds Against Tomorrow -- A Simple Life

    Alex Call (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums); Jerry Cortez (lead guitar); Phil Richardson (violin); Jeff Watson (lead guitar); Jeff Sterling (organ); Larry Cragg(steel guitar, accordian); Lorin Rowan (voc, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, mandolin, harmony vocals); Roger Linn (acoustic/electric/steel guitar, bass, drums)

    Book of Time (5-Track-CD)Book of Time/5-Track-CD
    (Taxim Records 1998
    #TX 9003-2 TM)
    Book Of Time (single version) -- Beautiful Tombstone (single version) -- Perfect World (previously unreleased) -- Making Up For Lost Love (previously unreleased) -- Volkswagen Bus (previously unreleased)

    Alex Call (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Kurzweil K2000S, bass, drums); Jerry Cortez (lead guitar/Book Of Time and Beautiful Tombstone); Chris Michie (lead guitar/Perfect World); Lorin Rowan (electric guitar/Making Up For Lost Love)


    (search for "Call")
    Incredibly ThickIncredibly Thick
    (Alex Call 2004)
    Where Does Love Go -- Money's Got You -- Freedom Is Such A Lonely Word -- 867-5309/Jenny (live) -- No Place For Hate -- Canyonlands -- The Good Fight -- Remember Me -- Standing On Their Heads -- There But For You Go I -- When -- I Can See It From Here

    Alex Call (acoustic/electric guitars, drums, rhythm instruments, keyboards), Jimmy Nichols (keyboards), Bruce Bouton (steel and slide guitar), Gene Ford (lead guitar), The Herrics (backing vocals/No Place For Hate), Justin Smith (backing vocals/No Place For Hate), Lisa Carrie (co-lead vocals/There But For You Go I)

    Co-writers on this album include Angela Kaset, Huey Lewis, Mark Moffatt, Jon Robbin, Justin Smith, Jim Keller, John Keller.

    The complete Liner Notes can be found on Alex Call's website.

    Passion & PurposePassion & Purpose
    (Studerrecords 2009)
    I Can Start A Fire -- The Calling -- You're Committed to Another Man -- If I Was Superman -- I Thought You Knew -- Drop Dead Gorgeous -- I'm Back In The Race -- Your Love Is A Good Addiction -- If Only -- I Found Me -- 15 Minutes of Fame -- Time to Live -- It's Never Too Late -- The Calling (Rocks)

    Musicians: Alex Call (lead vocals, guitars); Buddy Hyatt (keyboards); Danny Parks (electric guitar); Jeff King (electric guitar); Jimmy Hyatt (bass); Wayne Killius (drums); Jim Hoke (sax); Bill Hubert (trombone, trumpet); Lisa Carrie (vocals); Michael Black (vocals), Gary Pigg (vocals)




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