Huey Lewis and American Express, June 1979


Huey Lewis and the American Express evolved out of the Monday Nite Live sessions in the winter of 1978. In May 1979 they attracted the attention of their later manager Bob Brown at their first actual gig as Huey Lewis and The American Express.

Before this gig the band had been looking for other catchy band names. One of their choices being The Fools - a name they rapidly dropped when an English band with the same name released a single.

Eventually they decided to call themselves Huey Lewis and (the) American Express. Under this name they recorded a demo at Different Fur Music in San Francisco (see Monday Nite Live entry) and released the single 'Exodisco/Kick Back' on Phonogram in the UK. The single was making fun of the Exodus movie theme (you might remember in '78 disco was hip) and although it didn't turn out to be a hit, it secured the band their first recording contract with Chrysalis which led to their first album as Huey Lewis and the News in 1980.

Mark Karan was a member of "Huey Lewis and American Express" briefly when Chris left to play with his sister Bonnie in "The Punts".

Express Poster

American Express' Discography:

  • Exodisco/Kick Back (Single, 04/79) Mercury 6007 212
  • Exodisco/Kick Back (12", 04/79) Mercury 9198 168

    ExodiscoExodisco/Kick Back
    (Mercury 1979)
    Side 1: Exodisco (Gold)
    Side 2: Kick Back (Hopper/Lewis)

    It might be interesting to notice that the band's name on the label is only American Express (not Huey Lewis and ...). Only few copies of this 7" and 12" records have been pressed - very very hard to find.

    Huey LewisVocals, HarmonicaClover, Monday Night LiveHuey Lewis & The News
    Sean HopperKeyboardsClover, Monday Night Live""
    Bill GibsonDrumsof SVT""
    John CollaGuitarAirplay""
    Mario CipollinaBassAirplay""
    Chris HayesLead GuitarAunt Monk""
    Mark KaranLead GuitarSarah BakerAlex Call


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