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Bonnie Hayes  Bonnie's career started approximatley 1980 with her band 'The Punts', who evolved into 'Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo'. Bonnie's first album 'Good Clean Fun' featured the single "Shelly's Boyfriend", which has been in a few movies. The single was released on Bondage Records in 1981 with Kevin Hayes (drums), Paul Davis (guitar), and Hank Maninger (bass) as Bonnie's band.

On her second album 'Brave New Girl' Bill Engel (guitar) joined the band (one time only). Also, the self titled album included Benny Reitveld on bass and Nick Milo on keys along with two backup singers, Annie Stocking and Teresa Trull. Benny went on to play with Miles Davis and is now with Carlos Santana. Nick Milo became a member of Tower Of Power. Bonnie is quite proud that her band has gone on to do so well.

While the Wild Combo was still together they toured on the US leg of a Huey Lewis and the News tour. That was the only large tour the band ever did. Bonnie has gone on to be a renowned songwriter. She has written for artists such as: Huey Lewis and the News, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, Cher, and Bette Midler. "Bed of Roses" and "Bottomless" from Bonnie's album 'Empty Sky' can also be found on one of Bette Midler's albums. "Have a Heart" and "Love Letter" were released on Bonnie Raitt's album "Nick of Time" awhile ago.

In 1990 Bonnie Hayes toured world wide with Billy Idol as keyboardist and choreographer. Around that time she also moved to Los Angeles, CA with her husband, David, and daughter Lily. She is also an alumni of San Francisco's legendary Blue Bear School of Music where musicans such as Carlos Santana, Clarence Clemons, Bobby McFerrin, and Bonnie Raitt (to name a few) are also alumni's. She was also teaching songwriting at that school and thus stepped into her brother Chris' shoes who used to teach guitar at that school.

In 1996 Bonnie's brothers Chris and Kevin joined her on 'Empty Sky'. Chris (then lead guitarist with Huey Lewis) played some guitar parts. Kevin, who played drums on all tracks on her first 3 albums - because busy working with the Robert Cray Band - could only play drums on one track on the album. For some time it looked like 'Empty Sky' would find a re-release with the additon of another new song. A song where Bonnie's youngest brother, Jonathan, plays guitar on.

Jonathan Hayes also released an album. His music focuses more on hard rock but he's got the Hayes talent which is amazing to hear. BigFoot Records released his album "Open Your Eyes" in 1996. The band - Walking Giant - is currently taking time off but hoping to get more music recorded soon. Jonathan is the singer/rhythm guitarist.

The new century sees Bonnie busy as ever. She and her daughter have moved back north, where they purchased a place in the Bay Area again. She's teaching songwriting classes at a local college as well as getting her carrer back on track. Mainly playing live concerts and working on new material. She also build her own website - link underneath.

March 2003: 'Love In The Ruins' is Bonnie's new album on Bondage Records - see entry and links at the bottom of the page. Press reviews:

"Somewhere between Alanis Morisette's anger...and Tori Amos's ethereal weirdness lies Bonnie Hayes"
(Indianapolis Star News)

"One of the Bay Area's best voices, and arguably its finest songwriter"
(San Francisco Chronicle)

"Intriguing, delightful..."

"Smarter, surer and more sisterly than any rock and roll woman I can think of..."
(Robert Christgau, Village Voice)

That's great reviews and one can only hope that more will follow. Or, once again the mass audience will walk by without noticing. Bonnie's fans will only shake their heads in disbelief (again) and be happy that at least they implemented Bonnie's music into their lifes. Satisfaction guaranteed. What matter's now is keeping the hum going and wish that Bon never stops making music for - not only - unruly vintage people :)

 Bonnie Hayes
Bonnie Hayes 2003


Bonnie's Albums:

  • 1982 Good Clean Fun (Slash Records)
  • 1984 Brave New Girl (Bondage Records BR 102
  • 1987 Bonnie Hayes (Chrysalis BFV 41609)
  • 1996 Empty Sky (Beacon Records BEA-51562)
  • 2003 Love In The Ruins (Bondage Records)

    Good Clean FunGood Clean Fun
    (Slash Records 1982)
    Girls Like Me -- Shelly's Boyfriend -- Separating -- Dum Fun -- Coverage -- Inside Doubt -- Joyride -- Loverboy -- Raylene -- The Last Word

    Musicians: Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Paul Davis, Hank Manninger, Steve Cameron, Miles Corbin

    Brave New GirlBrave New Girl
    (Bondage Records 1984)
    Brave New Girl -- Incommunicado -- After Hours -- Wild Heart -- Maria -- Night Baseball

    Musicians: Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Paul Davis, Hank Manninger, Bill Engel

    Out of print!
    Bonnie HayesBonnie Hayes
    (Chrysalis 1987)
    Some Guys -- To See You Again -- The Real Thing -- Coax Me, Chad -- Time Stands Still --- Soul Love -- Skeleton Dancing -- Chance On You -- Whole Wide World -- Joyful Noise

    Musicians: Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Nick Milo, Paul Davis, Teresa Trull, Annie Stocking, Benny Reitveld, Jolie Jones, Lenny Castro, Jerry Hey, Mark Russo, Kim Hutchcraft, Gary Grant, David Lasley, Charlotte Crossley, Arnold McCuller, Jo Harris

    Out of print!
    Empty SkyEmpty Sky
    (Beacon Records 1996)
    My Brave Face -- Hieroglyphics -- Too Far To Fall -- Things You Left Behind -- Ode To Billie Joe -- Love Letter -- Out of The Loop -- Learning To Fly -- Bottomless -- Freedom Calling -- The Moment Of True Feeling -- Bed Of Roses

    Musicians: Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Chris Hayes, Alvino Bennet, Keith Jones, Munyungo Jackson, Annie Stocking, Vicki Randle, Kiki Ebsen, Jimmy Rip, Jim Pugh, Huey Lewis, Gia Ciambotti, Bill Ortiz, Juliann French, Andrew Picken, Sachi Patitucci

    Love In The RuinsLove In The Ruins
    (Bondage Records 2003)
    Beautiful Ideal -- I Can't Stop -- Greener Grass -- Keeping the Hum Going -- Still Wild -- Stealing Roses -- Everybody Wins -- Turn Down Love -- Vintage People -- Money Makes You Stupid

    Musicians: Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes, Darryl Anders, Ted O'Connell; Benny Reitveld, Stef Burns, Steve Kirk, Dave Vincent, Andrea Vincent


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