Logos was formed in the early 1970's by singer/songwriter and guitarist Bernie Chiaravalle and drummer Mitch Hinard. They were soon joined by bassist/guitarist John Lovrien. When Atlanta based musicians John Langford and Don McCleod joined on bass and keyboards, the quintet began playing throughout Marin County and the Bay Area performing original music composed mainly by Chiaravalle and Lovrien.

As the 70's progressed Langford and McCleod went on to a more progressive rock sound and formed Timmy. Guitar virtuoso Bill Burgess joined Logos and the band began playing shows with bands like Clover, The Sons, The Tubes and Sound Hole. They played many shows at The Lion Share in Marin.


Logos were sort of rivals with Sound Hole and played a lot of the same venues as them, in particular The Lion's Share. Bernie Chiaravalle even played guitar in Sound Hole for a brief time and was asked to join permanently but eventually chose to go another direction.

In 1974 Burgess went on to pursue other things and guitarist Dan Bertoldi and keyboardist Michael Byrnes came aboard Logos. The next year they had a regional radio hit with "Over and Over".

1976 saw Johnny D'Fonseca joining Logos on drums. Johnny grew up in The Grateful Dead family raised by drummer Mickey Hart after Johnny's Dad was killed in a plane crash when Johnny was a young boy. So Johnny learned to play in the Dead's improv realm of music. This brought a new dimension to Logos as they began to explore new musical directions. Mickey took the band into The Deads' Novato studio and began producing the band. They released the single "Glad To Know", which was again a regional radio hit.

This lineup of Logos stayed together until 1980. At that point they disbanded and Chiaravalle and Lovrien joined Page One. That band moved to Los Angeles in the mid-eighties. In 1987 Bernie left the band and a year later joined former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald's band and remains with him to this day.


Bernie Chiaravalle guitar, vocals 1970-1980…went on to Page One 1980-1986…joined Michael McDonald Band in 1988 to present.
John Lovrien bass, guitar and vocals 1970-1980…went on to Page One 1980-1986…now a film and music producer.
Mitch Hinard drums 1970-1974 (off and on)
Bill Burgess guitar and vocals 1973-1974…went on to Soundhole
John Langford keyboards and vocals 1972-1974…went on to Timmy
Don McCleod bass 1972-1974…went on to Timmy
David Obedio drums 1972-1974
Ross Bell drums 1974-1976
Johnny D'Fonseca drums 1976-1979…went on to Jerry Garcia Band
Scott Degrave drums 1979-1980
Dan Bertoldi guitar, vocals 1974-1979 (left shortly after Johnny D'Fonseca, band turned into a four piece)
Greg Elmore drums 1980 (formerly of Quicksilver Messenger Service)
Michael Byrnes keyboards, vocals 1974-1980


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