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Stoneground was formed 1970 in San Francisco. What originally started as a trio soon expanded to a 10 piece band. Stoneground were know for their outstanding live performances and they toured America and Europe as part of Warner Brothers' Medicine Ball Caravan. In Europe they developed some kind of cult status through this. Nevertheless 1973 marked a big break in the band's history as differences in oppinion within the band caused them to split. Some of the band members: Cory Lerios, Steve Price and David Jenkins formed Pablo Cruise in 1973, a band that turned out to be a commercial success. Only Annie Sampson and Tim Barnes were remaining to form later versions of Stoneground with new band members.

Prior to their first album Stoneground had already recorded one album for Warner Brothers which the label didn't release. Later sessions resulted in the release of Stoneground's first album in 1971. The second album, a live double album, followed in the same year and 1972 saw the release of their third album. After their new formation Stoneground recorded four more albums between 1976 and 1982 - most of the songs being rock'n'roll. Somehow this formula didn't work out in times of disco tunes and new wave and eventually Stoneground disintegrated completely in the early eighties. Annie Sampson started her solo career (link below).

2004 sees the return of Stoneground after 22 years. Original members Tim Barnes and Steve Price, who both played in Mick Martin's band for the last few years, reformed Stoneground. With new members Dana Moret (vocals), Claudia Knauer (vocals), Greg King (bass), Kelly Stephens (keyboard, guitar) Stoneground released their new album "Back With A Vengeance". This album is a true gem because it not only brings back that old Stoneground feeling earlier recordings had, featuring songs written by late Stoneground members Jo Baker and Fred Web, it also has new songs to offer which kick ass. Hopefully Stoneground will now get the attention they should have gotten 22 years ago.

On Stoneground's website (link below) you can now also order all their other albums on CD. This is good news because so far only the 2001 release 'Last Dance ...', which features a previously unreleased live concert from 1973, 'Bad Machines and Limousines' and Stoneground's first album have been (re-)released on CD. Now you can get remastered versions of all of the missing albums as well and enjoy the music of one of San Francisco's legendary bands.

Stoneground 1982

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Stoneground's Discography:

  • 1971 Stoneground (Warner Brothers)
  • 1971 Family Album (Warner Brothers)
  • 1971 Medicine Ball Caravan, OST (Warner Brothers)
  • 1972 Stoneground Three (Warner Brothers)
  • 1976 Flat Out (FOR)
  • 1978 Hearts Of Stone (Warner Brothers)
  • 1980 Play It Loud (Crystal Clear)
  • 1982 Bad Machines and Limosines (Line Records)
  • 2001 Last Dance: Live January 6, 1973 (Dig Music)
  • 2004 Back With A Vengeance (Stoneground)

    (Warner Brothers 1971)
    Looking for You -- Great Changes Since I've Been Born -- Rainy Day in June -- Added Attraction (Come See Me) -- Dreaming Man -- Stroke Stand -- Bad News -- Don't Waste My Time -- Colonel Chicken Fry -- Brand New Start

    Musicians: Pete Sears,Ron Nagle, Luther Bildt, John Blakeley, Lynne Hughes, Deirdre La Porte, Michael Mau, Lydia Phillips, Annie Sampson, Sal Valentino, Tim Barnes

    Family AlbumFamily Album
    (Warner Brothers 1971)
    Get Rhythm -- Passion Flower -- Corrina -- Big River -- Won't Be Long -- Super Clown -- Richland Woman -- Queen Sweet Dreams -- Precious Lord -- You Must Be One of Us -- All My Life -- Where Will I Find Love -- Gonna Have a Goot Time -- Jam It -- It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train... -- I Can't Help It -- No Doreen -- It's Not Easy -- If You Got to Go -- Total Destruction to Your Mind

    Musicians: John Blakeley, Brian Codula, Lynne Hughes, Deirdre La Porte, Cory Lerios, Lydia Morero,Steve Price, Annie Sampson, Sal Valentino, Tim Barnes

    from artist website!
    StonegroundMedicine Ball Caravan, OST
    (Warner Brothers 1971)
    Stoneground: Freak Out/It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Medley) -- Sal Valentino: Dreambo

    Other musicians on this soundtrack: The Youngbloods, B.B. King, Doug Kershaw, Alice Cooper, Delaney and Bonnie

    from artist website!
    Stoneground 3Stoneground Three
    (Warner Brothers 1972)
    Dancin'-- On My Own -- You Better Come Through -- Ajax -- Down to the Bottom -- From a Sad Man into a Deep Blue Sea -- From Me -- Lovin' Fallin' -- Butterfly -- Gettin' over You -- Heads Up -- Everybody's Happy

    Musicians: Sal Valentino, Lynne Hughes, Deirdre La Porte, Lydia Moreno, Annie Sampson, Tim Barnes, John Blakely, Terence V. Clements, Cory Lerios, David McCullough, Steve Price

    from artist website!
    Flat OutFlat Out
    (Flat Out Records 1976)
    Make Your Own Sweet Music -- Mojo Hannah -- Love for You Is Love for Me -- If You Can Beat Me Rockin' (You Can Have...) -- Daddy Look My Way -- Breakin' Down the Walls of Heartache -- I Got a Song -- Chica Boom -- If You Should Want Me -- Down to the Wire -- Way Back

    Musicians: Jules Broussard, Armando Peraza, Dan Armstrong, Jo Baker, Terry Davis, Cal Lewiston, Jerry Peterson, Sammy Piazza, Annie Sampson, Jack Schroer, Fred Webb, Tim Barnes

    from artist website!
    Hearts Of StoneHearts Of Stone
    (Warner Brothers 1978)
    Deeper Than Love -- You Can Only Hide Your Eyes -- Let It Go -- Free Spirit -- Lead Me Down --- Hearts Of Stone -- Prove It -- When You Gonna Tell Me Your Name -- North America

    Musicians: Tim Barnes, Jo Baker, Terry Davis, Lanny Lee Goldsmith, Sammy Piazza, Annie Sampson, Fred Webb, Bob Gaudio, Jerry Peterson, Steve Fontana

    from artist website!
    Play It LoudPlay It Loud
    (Crystal Clear 1980)
    Under My Thumb -- Rock & Roll Prophet -- Black Jack City -- Mississippi River -- Movin In The City -- Boy -- Dancin' Shoes -- Fast Car

    Musicians: Jo Baker, Tim Barnes, Terry Davis, Annie Sampson, Sammy Piazza

    from artist website!
    bab0160.jpg - 8978 BytesBad Machines And Limousines
    (Line Records 1982)
    Rock & Roll Guitars -- Too Much Money -- Fool for Your Love -- Bad as You -- East Coast, West Coast

    Musicians: Steve Salit, Annie Sampson, Terry Davis, Tim Barnes, Joe Gazzaroli, Pete Sears, Bill Thompson

    from artist website!
    LiveThe Last Dance: Live January 6, 1973
    (Dig Music 2001)
    Alligator Man -- Love's Made a Fool of You -- You Better Come Through -- Ajax -- Passion Flower -- Medley: Black Sheep Boy/Highway 61... -- Bad News -- Super Clown -- Dancin' -- Feel So Bad -- Butterfly -- Total Destruction to Your Mind -- Queen Sweet Dreams
    Back With A VengeanceStoneground
    Back With A Vengeance

    (Stoneground 2004)
    So Nervous -- Rock Bottom -- Tryin' To Get To Memphis -- Way Down South -- Playing With Fire -- Blue Collar Boys -- Doin' Something -- Way Back -- Burn The House Down -- Movin' To The City -- Think About It

    Musicians: Tim Barnes, Claudia Knauer, Dana Moret, Steve Price, Kelly Stephens, Greg King

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