These are the questions I sent to Rocky:

1) Rocky please tell us a little about your origins (date/place of birth, family etc.)

2) What were your first musical influences and how did that change over the years?

3) When did you start to sing/make music/play instruments?

4) Mike mentioned that you were in a band called 'The Braid' (1975) ­ please tell us more about that band and any other bands you used to play in.

5) In 'The Braid' you used to call yourself Tony Galante ­ your real name being Antonio Galante ­ how/where did you get the name Rocky Sullivan?

6) How did you meet John Cipollina and how much of an influence has he been for you?

7) You recorded three solo albums ­ the second one probably being the best. Why do you think it didn't work out for you in terms of 'success'? Wrong record label, lack of promotion?

8) You wrote almost all songs by yourself ­ do you consider yourself more a songwriter or singer?

9) After the third album, did you take any other attempts of recording again? Any guest appearances on other albums?

10) What did you do since your last record and what are you doing these days?

11) What do you think about the music biz these days (the Bay Area and beyond)?

12) Last but not least, anything you always wanted to say (whatever it may be)?




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