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tuck & pattiTuck & Patti that's Tuck Andress and Patti Cathcart - a couple that have been making music together for over 25 years and who released ten albums flavoured with jazz, pop, rhythm and blues, gospel, folk, rock and Brazilian genres since 1988 as a duo.

Patti hails from San Francisco and knew from the age of six that she wanted to be a singer. She started to sing in church, directed choirs by the age of 10 and received voice lessons in high school. As she was raised in the Bay Area in the 60s she was influenced by all the styles of music going on and places like The Fillmore were second home to her - even Bill Graham watched out for her. Patti jammed with hundreds of musicians during that time and learned how to improvise in any style. Some might remember that Patti was one of the founding members of Kingfish - featuring Bobby Weir, Matthew Kelly, Dave Torbert, Barry Flast among others.

Tuck was influenced by swing and classical music from an early age but it wasn't until the Beatles and Rolling Stones came out that he knew he had to play rock and roll. Because Tuck's sister had taught him how to play the piano he started with that instrument but soon decided that the guitar would be a better choice. Although Tuck was influenced by rock music he started to learn complex jazz chords instead, simply because he had the Mel Chord Book, with 400 Orchestral Chords in the appendix, at hand. When he heard Jimmy Hendrix for the first time he was not only blown away, he considered it impossible for him to come up with such a sound himself and he dived even deeper into jazz.

In 1970 Tuck enrolled in Stanford where he would later major in music and played in several rock and jazz bands at the same time. He even went to Los Angeles to play in bands and took the guitar position for the Sonny and Cher TV show for some time - but decided to leave the L.A. scene before it could swallow him. Instead he headed to the Bay Area where he would play in top 40, soul and rock bands or practice and listen to music 8 to sometimes 14 hours a day.

In 1978 Tuck was playing in a band Patti came to audition for. Once they met they immediately knew they had found their musical soulmate (and partner in life). Since the band didn't happen Tuck and Patti decided to work as a duo and their instant success in the Bay Area proved that their formula that every song had to speak and be played from their hearts worked. Ten years later they would release their first CD "Tears of Joy" and the rest is history as they say. Tuck & Patti have become a well known act worldwide - especially in Europe and Japan.

That's also the reason why their latest CD "A Gift of Love" got released. They actually produced this album for their fans in Japan who wanted to hear Tuck & Patti's interpretations of classical love songs. The album turns out to be yet another success, once it was released in Japan it had to be released in Europe as well. Last but not least, 33rd Street Records released the album in July 2004 for the American market. What does this tell us? Simply that good music will always find its way. If you haven't listened to any of Tuck & Patti's music yet try "A Gift of Love". This album is a good starting point and it is a pleasure to listen to Patti's warm voice and Tuck's outstanding guitar playing. The album really comes with love from Tuck and Patti's hearts.

Tuck and Patti are constantly touring and thus it is probably best to see them live. As a matter of fact, no live CD of them exists but luckily one of their concerts was recorded in a small club in Amsterdam in 2005 and has been released on DVD in Europe in 2006. In addition to the concert which is 100 minutes long and features 14 tracks, there is the almost one hour long documentary "As We Travel Round This Cirlce" that looks behind the scences.

Another release in 2006 has been "Pure Tuck & Patti" which is a compilation released by the Windham Hill label that released Tuck and Patti's first eight albums.

Their latest release in 2008 has been the wonderful album "I Remember You". Here Tuck and Patti recorded several of their all time favorite standards from the first half of the 20th century which were originally performed/written by artists like Duke Ellington and Ira Gershwin. As usual Tuck and Patti's interplay adds a lot to these songs and one doesn't only remember these old songs but also how great Tuck and Patti really are. This album is highly recommended.



  • 1988 Tears Of Joy (Windham Hill)
  • 1989 Love Warriors (Windham Hill)
  • 1991 Dream (Windham Hill)
  • 1994 Learning How To Fly (Epic Records)
  • 1997 The Best of Tuck & Patti (Windham Hill)
  • 1998 Paradise Found (Windham Hill)
  • 2001 Taking The Long Way Home (Windham Hill)
  • 2002 As Time Goes By (Windham Hill)
  • 2002 Chocolate Moment (T&P Records)
  • 2004 A Gift Of Love (T&P Records)
  • 2006 Pure Tuck & Patti (Windham Hill)
  • 2008 I Remember You (T&P Records)

    Tears Of JoyTuck & Patti
    Tears Of Joy

    (Windham Hill 1988)
    Tears of Joy -- Takes My Breath Away -- I've Got Just About Everything -- Time After Time -- Everything's Gonna Be All Right -- Better Than Anything -- My Romance -- Up and At It -- Mad Mad Me -- Love is the Key
    Love WarriorsTuck & Patti
    Love Warriors

    (Windham Hill 1989)
    Love Warriors -- Honey Pie -- They Can't Take That Away From Me -- Hold Out, Hold Up and Hold On -- Cantador (Like a Lover) -- On a Clear Day -- Europa -- Castles Made of Sand/Little Wing -- Glory Glory -- If It's Magic
    DreamTuck & Patti

    (Windham Hill 1991)
    Dream -- One Hand, One Heart -- Togetherness -- Friends in High Places -- The Voodoo Music -- From Now On (We're One) -- I Wish -- Sitting in Limbo -- High Heel Blues -- All the Love -- As Time Goes By
    Learning How To FlyTuck & Patti
    Learning How To Fly

    (Epic Records 1994)
    Live In the Light -- Heaven Down Here -- Learning How To Fly -- Strength -- Woodstock -- Drum -- Up From The Skies -- Tossin and Turnin -- Getaway -- In My Life -- Yeah Yeah -- Wide Awake -- Still Tossin and Turnin (remix)
    The Best of ...Tuck & Patti
    The Best of Tuck & Patti

    (Windham Hill 1997)
    Tears of Joy -- Time After Time -- Castles Made of Sand/Little Wing -- Better Than Anything -- Takes My Breath Away -- Europa -- Dream -- Love is the Key -- Sitting in Limbo -- Sweet P -- Love Warriors -- As Time Goes By
    Paradise FoundTuck & Patti
    Paradise Found

    (Windham Hill 1998)
    Lembranças -- Adventures in Paradise -- Captain for Dark Mornings -- When We're Alone -- All This Love -- I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face -- Holiday...Paradise Found -- I Will -- Dance With Me -- You -- Walkin' One and Only -- Forgiveness -- Let's Stay Together
    Taking The Long Way HomeTuck & Patti
    Taking The Long Way Home

    (Windham Hill 2000)
    Taking The Long Way Home -- Ready To Love -- Thank You -- Take This Feeling -- Song For The Souls That Go Before (From The Hearts Left Behind) -- Lifeline -- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet -- Path To Peace -- Early Morning Music Box -- This Light This Life
    As Time Goes ByTuck & Patti
    As Time Goes By

    (Windham Hill 2002)
    I've Got Just About Everything -- They Can't Take That Away From Me -- Better Than Anything -- Stella By Starlight -- As Time Goes By -- On A Clear Day -- When We're Alone -- Up and At It -- Taking the Long Way Home -- My Romance -- Togetherness -- Body & Soul -- Walkin' One and Only -- Mahnã de Carnaval -- I Will
    Cocolate MomentTuck & Patti
    Chocolate Moment

    (T&P Records 2002)
    Comfort Me -- Love Flows Like A River -- One For All -- Reverie -- Wildflower -- Rejoice -- Chocolate Moment -- Interlude In The Key Of P (instrumental) -- Blast Past Your Illusions -- Knowing
    A Gift Of LoveTuck & Patti
    A Gift Of Love

    (T&P Records 2004)
    Up On The Roof -- Can't Help Falling In Love With You -- Sukiyaki -- Just The Way You Are -- Lovin' You -- I Was Born To Love You -- Hold Me Tight and Don't Let Go -- Song For You -- Close To You -- Time After Time
    Pure Tuck & PattiTuck & Patti
    Pure Tuck & Patti

    (Windham&Hill 2006)
    Time After Time -- Wide Awake -- Takes My Breath Away -- They Can't Take That Away From Me -- Castles Made of Sand/Little Wing -- Getaway -- Taking the Long Way Home -- Tears Of Joy -- If It's Magic -- Woodstock -- As Time Goes By -- Learning How To Fly -- Body and Soul -- Forgiveness -- Tears In Heaven
    I Remember YouTuck & Patti
    I Remember You

    (T&P Records 2008)
    I Remember You -- In A Sentimental Mood -- Deed I Do -- The Very Thought Of You -- When I Fall In Love -- A Foggy Day -- It Might As Well Be Spring -- Old Devil Moon -- Embraceable You -- With A Song In My Heart



    Live In HollandLive In Holland
    As We Travel Round This Circle
    (Universal 2006)
    Live concert:

    One For All -- Love Flows Like A River -- Learning How To Fly -- Wildflower -- High Heel Blues -- Europa -- Love Warriors -- All The Love -- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet -- Better Than Anything -- Out Of The Night -- Time After Time -- Love Is The Key -- Takes My Breath Away

    + Documentary "As We Travel Round This Circle"

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