Vinyl 2004: Billy Frates, Geoff Vaughan, Johnny Durkin, Jonathan Korty, Alexis Razon, Danny Cao, Doug Thomas


Vinyl exemplify that San Francisco Bay area bands can still produce outstanding music. Vinyl does this with an infectious blend of old-school funk, Latin percussion, reggae and R&B. Plus, since the band doesn't have a singer, lyrics do not confuse Vinyl's instrumental grooves. Although the band plays original tunes they know how to throw in bits and pieces reminding of familiar sounds from James Brown, George Clinton, Santana, Booker T. ... simply irresistible. Here are some lines from Vinyl's biography:

"Vinyl's live shows are notoriously high energy dance parties that unite fans of many musical styles. Originating in the San Francisco Bay Area over eight years ago, Vinyl has become as tight a seven-piece ensemble as can be found in today's music scene. The players have a keen understanding of eachother's musical expression resulting in a cohesive and adventurous sound that offers tasteful improvisation combined with a fortified, rhythmic backbone. Vinyl's instrumentation includes the mighty Hammond organ, piano, guitar, sax, trumpet, flute, harmonica, congas, timbales, bass, and drums. This broad array of sounds enables Vinyl to explore Latin rhythms with authenticity, lay down their unique brand of reggae and dub, and drive it all home with booty-shaking, full-figured funk.

They have played a multitude of festivals including main-stage slots at the High Sierra Music Festival, Reggae on the River, Oregon Country Fair, Mountain Aire, Jazz Aspen, Berkshire Mountain Music Festival, the All Good Festival and many others. For the last five years, Vinyl has played sold-out sunrise sets at New Orleans' legendary Maple Leaf during Jazzfest. In 2001, Vinyl teamed up with Phil Lesh for a jam-packed benefit concert in Petaluma, CA with Vinyl performing as Phil's band. Vinyl received a "Wammie" award for Best International Band from San Francisco's SF Weekly and was voted one of the top 25 bands in the country by a nationwide poll.

Vinyl has released four albums - these include 1997's self-titled debut, 1998's Live at Sweetwater recorded at the band's legendary hometown club, and 2001's Flea Market, which weaves its way in and out of grooves and dub interludes with the help of musical guests Les Claypool and Bernie Worrell. The new album, entitled All the Way Live, is a live double-album recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. It captures Vinyl at its grooving best and includes guest appearances by Huey Lewis, Bernie Worrell, Rob Wasserman, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Terry Haggerty, and many others. Recorded over two sold-out nights, All the Way Live showcases Vinyl's adaptability to different styles and players, illuminates their talents as musicians and growth as a band, and confirms their place as one of the more vital live bands playing today".

Earlier Vinyl line-up: Doug Thomas, Danny Cao, Jonathan Korty, Billy Frates, Geoff Vaughan, Alexis Razon, and brothers Antonio and Sean Onorato.

Please take a look at the discography and feel free to use the links provided underneath. Buying Vinyl's albums adds an everlasting energy source to your internal groove system. Enjoy the cruise!



  • 1997 Vinyl
  • 1998 Live At Sweetwater
  • 2001 Flea Market
  • 2004 All The Way Live
  • 2006 FogShack Sessions #1


    (Four Corner Records 1997)
    Master Cylinder -- Phatty -- Drop Dead -- Funk in 5-4 -- Diablo Sauce -- Pipe Bomb -- Cowbell Funk -- Mountain Roots

    Musicians: Geoff Vaughan-bass; Jonathan Korty-keyboards; Alexis Razon-drums; Billy Frates-guitar; Doug Thomas-saxophone, flute; Danny Cao-trumpet; Tony Onorato-percussion; Sean Onorato-percussion, bongos

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    Live At SweetwaterVinyl
    Live At Sweetwater

    (Tamiam Music 1998)
    Morse Code -- Night Ride -- Monkey Wrench -- Always There / Bobo Orgy -- Last Camel to Vegas -- Gravity Car -- Percussion Jam -- Cyclops -- Strataskank -- Voodoo

    Musicians: Geoff Vaughan-bass; Jonathan Korty-hammond organ, keys; Alexis Razon-drums; Billy Frates-guitar; Doug Thomas-saxophone; Danny Cao-trumpet; Antonio Onorato-congas, percussion; Sean Onorato-percussion

    Recorded Live At Sweetwater in Mill Valley, Ca. Sept. 25-26, 1997

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    Flea MarketVinyl
    Flea Market

    (Fog Shack Music 2001)
    Gross Polluter -- Flea Market Dub -- Año Nuevo -- Ballpeen Hammer -- Summertime -- The Code is Cold -- Cornelion -- Haunted House -- Dirtman Dub -- Remember -- Bottom Feeder -- Espacio -- The Flea's Last Stand -- El Roacho -- Haggle

    Musicians: Geoff Vaughan-bass; Jonathan Korty-hammond organ, keys, harp, moog; Alexis Razon-drums; Billy Frates-guitar; Doug Thomas-saxophone, flute; Danny Cao-trumpet, flugelhorn; Antonio Onorato-congas, percussion; Sean Onorato-percussion, bongos, percussion

    Guest artists: Les Claypool-bass, Bernie Worrell-moog synthesizer, clavinet, Michael "Riz" Rizza-vibraphone

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    All The Way LiveVinyl
    All The Way Live
    (2CD Set)

    (In The Pocket Records 2004)
    Disc 1: Lasiti -- Mõkpok -- Things I Could Do -- Wax -- Turtle -- In the Basement -- Mas Cebollas -- Truth & Rights -- San G. -- Moonshine Heather

    Disc 2: G.I.B. -- Whedawedat -- Azwa -- Sofrito -- Wildebeest -- Mole Rat -- Animal 57 -- Skumbo -- Sure 'Nuff Sure 'Nuff -- Vinyl Party

    Musicians: Billy Frates-guitar; Jonathan Korty-hammond, keys, harp; Doug Thomas-sax, flute; Danny Cao-trumpet; Geoff Vaughan-bass; Alexis Razon-drums; Antonio Onorato-congas, percussion; Sean Oronato-percussion

    Guest artists: Huey Lewis, Rob Wasserman, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Bernie Worrell, Terry Haggarty, Andy Geib, Felonious M.C. Soulati, Felonious M.C. D Wolf, Jethro Jeremiah, Mingo Lewis Jr., Michael "Riz" Rizza, Cochemea Gastelum

    Recorded live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, Ca. Sept. 1-2, 2002

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    All The Way LiveVinyl
    FogShack Sessions #1

    (In The Pocket Records 2006)
    Give And Go -- Flea Market -- Moonshine Heather -- Whatever You Want To -- Swellyons For Rufus -- Imperial Majesty -- Clickety Clack -- Okaybye

    Musicians: Billy Frates (guitar); Geoff Vaughan (bass); Johnny Durkin (congas/timbales); Jonathan Korty (hammond organ/keys/harp); Alexis Razon (drums); Danny Cao (trumpet); Doug Thomas (saxophone/flute); Bernie Worrell (keyboards)

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