Hard At Play


Hard At Play


Build Me Up (Colla/Lewis)
It Hit Me Like A Hammer (Lange/Lewis)
Attitude (Carl)
He Don't Know (Covay/Tiven/Tiven)
Couple Days Off (Hayes/Lewis/Palmer)
That's Not Me (Ruf)
We Should Be Making Love (Goldmark/Kipner/Lindsey)
Best Of Me (B.Hayes/Stocking/K.Hayes)
Don't You Love Me, Or What? (Hayes/Lewis/Lowe)
Don't Look Back (Fredericks/Gibson/Lewis)
Time Ain't Money (Colla/Lewis)


A L B U M    I N F O
  Title: Hard At Play
Year: 1991
Peak Billboard Chart Position:-
Record Company: EMI Records
Notes: The Band: Huey Lewis: Vocals & Harmonica; Chris Hayes: Guitars & Vocals; Johnny Colla: Sax, Guitar & Vocals; Sean Hopper: Keyboards & Vocals; Bill Gibson: Drums, Percussion & Vocals; Mario Cipollina: Bass -- Additional Musicians: John McFee: Guitar (Time Ain't Money); The Gospel Hummingbirds: Backing Vocals (He Don't Know); Mike Duke/Michael Ruff: Backing Vocals (That's Not Me); Dave Fredericks: Backing Vocals (Don't Look Back, Couple Days Off) -- The Gospel Hummingbirds appear courtesy of Blind Pig Records -- Produced by Bill Schnee & Huey Lewis and the News -- Executive Producer: Bob Brown -- "Build Me Up" and "Couple Days Off" Co-produced by Eric "E.T." Thorngren -- Album Credits: Recorded by Bill Schnee; Mixed by Bill Schnee & Jack Puig; Recorded at Skywalker Sound, Marin County, CA (Assisted by Bob Edwards & Tony Eckert); Mixed at Schnee Studio, N. Hollywood, CA (Assisted by Ken Allardyce) -- Additional Recording: Schnee Studio, N. Hollywood, CA (Assisted by Ken Allardyce & Tim Lauber); Studio D Recording, Sausalito, CA (Assisted by Jim "Watts" Vereecke); Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA (Assisted by Stephen Hart); The Site, Marin County, CA (Assisted by Kevin Scott); Apt. 2 Recording, Novato, CA; Sub-Par Recording, CA -- Additional Engineering: Bob Edwards, Skywalker Sound; Eric "E.T." Thorngreen, Skywalker Sound; Jeffrey "Nik" Norman, Fantasy Studios/Studio D Recording; Mastered by Doug Sax, The Mastering Lab; Photography: Aaron Rapoport; Art Direction: Henry Marquez; Design: Michael Diehl -- Management: Bob Brown Management -- Booking Agency: Monterey Peninsula Artists -- Publishing: Hulex Music/Bob-A-Lew Music, Ronda Espy, Roberta Ballard-- Staff: Jane Brown, Business Manager; Carol Coburn, Office Manager; Lol Halsey, Tour Manager; Terry Persons: Production Manager; Steve Girmant, Stage Manager; Jim Moran: Tour Sound Mixer; Ralph Arista, Guitar Technician; Carl Ciasulli, Drum Technician; Art Kimura, Set Carpenter; Jack Jacobsen, Keyboard Technician -- Tour Support: Sound On Stage: Jerry Pfeffer, John "J.T." Taylor, Roger "Riff" Rifkin, Ricardo Caltagirone, Rob Goodwin, Michael Jackson, Bob Walker; Morpheus Lights: John Richardson, Brad Malkus, Gregg Maltby, mark Hoover, Richard "Nook" Schoenfeld, Bill Strawn; Lightning Design: John Richardson; Stage Rigging, Inc.: Marty Cohen, Rocky Paulson; Roadshow: Dave Kiely, Ervin Grinberg, Yvonne Herr; F.M. Productions: Richie Wights; Stagecoach V.I.P.: Curly Jones; Winterland Productions: Rocky Donahue; Air Apparent, Inc.: Kathleen Botting -- Special Thanks: Bryan Adams, Avedis Zildijan Cymbals, Bananas At Large, Jerry Bellis, Maria Belo, Fred Bohlander, John Bottomley, Stephen Bruton, (for the Texas lip-skip), Leon Chiappas, Mark Deadman, John DeChristopher, Paule Diamond, Lenny Dimuzio, Mike Duke, Mark Eichstaed, Kim Espy, Dan Godfrey, Paul Goldman, John Granlee, Charlie Griffin, R.J. Harper, Larry Harvey (for the advice), Chip Hopper, Bruce Hornsby, Jade, Joel Jaffe, Lori Jay, Mike Kazda, Jack Kontney and Shure Microphones, Mutt Lange, Steve Lewis, Sal Licato (and everyone at EMI), Nick Lowe, Toby Lubov, Gerry Margolis, Mark Johnson Guitars, Cindy Markle, Maxima Strings, Cindy McHale, Mesa Boogie, Dick Mithun, Ron Moore, Jack Murphy, The Newsliners (for good taste), Geoff Palmer, Peavy Electronics, Uli Peretz, Peter Dragge, Ann Pfeffer, Greg Price, Glyn & Ray Racher, Robin Rivas, San Francisco 49'ers (the boss, Carmine, George, John, Jerry, Keith, Mo, Jimmy, Fred, and, of course, Milo!), Marcia Sarkin, Dorene Scheutt, Linda Schneider, J.D. Sharp, Troy Steinbach, Angela Strehli, Su. Shuttle, Taylor and everyone at Nike, Warwick Bass Guitars, Joe White and Dave Musgrove at Muther Recordings, Dan Weiner, Yamaha Drums -- Voices on "Couple Days Off": Ralph Arista, Harris Barton, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., David Fredericks, Brent Jones, Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jim Moran, William "Bubba" Paris, Tom Rathman, Spencer Tillman, Keena Turner, Michael Walter -- In remembrance of Evelyn & John Cipollina


Couple Days Off

Couple Days Off
b/w Time Ain't Money
(Format: 7", 12", 4track CD, Video)

It Hit Me Like A Hammer

It Hit Me Like A Hammer
b/w Do You Love Me, Or What?
(Format: 7", 12", 3track CD, Video)

He Don't Know

He Don't Know
b/w Build Me UP
(Format: 7", 4track CD, Video)


Huey Lewis and the News
Chris Hayes, Mario Cipollina, Huey Lewis, Bill Gibson, Johnny Colla, Sean Hopper


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