Plan B


Plan B


We're Not Here For A Long Time (...) (Colla/Hayes/Lewis)
My Other Woman (Colla/Lewis)
I Ain't Perfect (Gibson/Lewis)
When I Write The Book (Lowe/Edmunds/Bremner)
I Am Not In Love Yet (Duet with Wynonna) (Hayes/Lewis)
Thank You #19 (Hopper/Lewis)
Plan B (Colla/Lewis)
The Rhythm Ranch (Colla/Lewis)
Let Her Go And Start Over (Duke)
I Never Think About You (Hayes/Pierce/Lewis)
So Little Kindness (Hayes/Lewis/Sudduth)


A L B U M    I N F O
  Title: Plan B
Year: 2001
Peak Billboard Chart Position:-
Record Company: Silvertone Records
Notes: Produced by Huey Lewis and Johnny Colla - Engineered by Johnny Colla -- Additional Engineers: Kevin Scott, Jim "Watts" Vereecke, Huey Lewis, Merritt Pelkey -- Recorded At Way Out West Recording, San Rafael, CA -- Additional Recording: The Site, San Rafael, CA -- Mixed by Bob Clearmountain -- Additional Engineer: David Boucher -- Mixed At Mix This!, Pacific Palsades, CA -- Digital Editing: Chris Haggerty at Battery Studios, NYC -- Mastered by Doug Sax and Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA -- The Band: Huey Lewis - vocals & harmonica; Johnny Colla - saxophone, guitar, piano & vocals; Bill Gibson - drums & vocals; Chris Hayes - guitar & vocals; Sean Hopper - keyboards & vocals; John Pierce - bass; Marvin McFadden - trumpet; Ron Stallings - tenor saxophone, Rob Sudduth - tenor & baritone saxophone -- Additional Musicians: Wynonna appears on courtesy of Curb/Universal Records; Jack Jacobsen, organ "I Never Think About You," piano "We're Not Here For A Long Time (We're Here For A Good Time)"; Rick Wilson, guitar, "The Rhythm Ranch"; Jim Pugh, organ, "Let Her Go And Start Over"; Dallis Craft, backing vocals, "The Rhythm Ranch"; Marvin McFadden and Ron Stallings, shouts, "Plan B" -- Management: Bob Brown -- Booking Agency: Monterey Paninsula Artists -- Staff: Jane Brown - Business Mangager; Carol Stair - Office Manager; Lol Halsey - Tour Manager; Carl Ciasulli - Production Manager; Jim Moran - Tour Sound Engineer; Ralph Arista - Guitar Techincian; Greg DaCosta - Drum Technician; Emmanuel "Manu" Goodwin - Monitor Engineer; Merritt Pelkey - Keyboard Technician; Dave Johnson - Asst. Tour Manager; Gregg Maltby - Light Designer; Jeff Johnson - Lightning Designer -- Tour Support: Sound On Stage - Jerry Pfeffer, Ann Pfeffer; Revel Travel - Scott Ames; Roadshow - Dave Kiely; Senator Coaches - Phil Dunlap -- Thanks: Shannon Reilly Colla, Stef Burns, Terry Persons, Jack Jacobsen, Barbara Ellman, Mark Eichstaedt, Mike Gibbons, Gerry Margolis, Su. Suttle, Jim Matthews and Plus Four Marketing, Louis Barrere, Mike Kelly, Kim Bullard, John Albeck, Alex Murzyn, Debbie Parry and Newsline II, Joe Wetzel and Glenna Long, Dick Mithun, Katie Fox, Duane Aslaxen, Jack Kontney at Shure Brothers Microphones, Betty Bennett and Apogee Electronics, Stephen Jarvis, David Denny, Korg Keyboards, Yamaha Drums, John De Christopher and Avedis Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Inc., The Calato Company, John Langford, Bananas at Large, mark Meana at Odyssey Lightning, Bill Denniston and Gerry Grant at United Airlines, Zone Music, Bag End Loudspeakers, D.R. Roach -- Photography by Aaron Rapoport


Let Her Go And Start Over

Let Her Go And Start Over
(Format: CD)
Radio Edit - only available to radio stations

I'm Not In Love Yet (Duet with Wynonna)

I'm Not In Love Yet
(Format: CD)
Duet with Wynonna - only available to radio stations


Colla, Stallings, Hopper, Gibson, Sudduth, Lewis, Pierce, Burns, McFadden


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