Kisha Griffin is one of the Bay Area's most sought after back-up vocalists, a great songwriter and emerging solo artist.

Kisha hails from the Bay Area and a musical family. She began to sing for bigger audiences in church and school - one of her biggest influences being gospel singers. In her teens artists like Whitney Houston and Anita Baker became more influential. By the age of thirteen Kisha started to work as a professional background vocalist for local acts and national touring performers. Subsequently her vocals can be heard on many recordings. Kisha is an outstanding vocalist, her style can be described as smooth and mellow and she can sing the high soprano notes and the low baritone notes as well.

Kisha realized that she wanted to start a career as a solo artist when she was singing the National Anthem at Pac-Bell Park for the San Francisco Giants. Several club performances around the Bay Area followed and Kisha worked hard in the studio as well. In addition to her outstanding vocals Kisha is a gifted songwriter - she has (co-)written songs for Lenny Kravitz (remix for "Believe In Me") and En Vogue's "Ooh Boy" (from "Soul Flower") & "Loving You" (from the motion picture "Deliver Us From Eva").

In 2004 Kisha independently released her solo album "Chit Chat'N" featuring 11 R&B/Neo Soul tracks. The album is a musical milestone and more than an indication that Kisha belongs to the hottest R&B talents the Bay Area has to offer. All of the songs are well produced and prove that Kisha is as talented as any major recording artist. "Don't Stop" has a very enjoyable rhythmic pattern - smooth and mellow. "Happy Home" is R&B at its best - wonderful lyrics, a great hook and a warm rhythmic flow. "Get It Started" and "DontU4Get2Pray" are upbeat, deliver a positive feeling and message as well. "Heavy" is a good example of how good Kisha's voice merges with the groove and the music. The best track on the CD might be "Thank You" - the song has a hook that stays in mind and demands constand replay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this song and album! Kisha's hard work in the studio definitely paid off - Kisha Griffin the solo artist is born!!!

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  • 2004 Chit Chat'N

    Chit Chat'NKisha Griffin
    Chit Chat'N

    (Kiss Her Music 2004)
    Make It Happen* -- My Life -- Serious -- Don't Stop -- Happy Home -- Get It Started -- Heavy -- Missing Me - Get Ready -- Thank You -- Fat Lady -- DontU4Get2Party

    *Bonus track on the CD Baby release.

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