Drew Harrison belongs to those singers/songwriters that insert all the energy they've got into their music and because he is so talented all his endeavors finally pay off - his new album "Go It Alone" is a testimonial to that. The album features 13 tracks Drew recorded live in studio and which have been "road tested" in clubs from San Francisco to Prague.

In his song "Go It Alone" Drew asks if anything lasts forever ... good music does!!! Check out Drew's websites mentioned underneath and listen to the tracks available. Here's some more info about Drew taken from his website:

Drew Harrison is a genuine troubadour.

Born in New York City, naturally drawn to music, Drew's childhood nursery rhyme was Dear Prudence; his adolescent superheroes: Stevie Wonder, Elton John and John Lennon.

His plans of becoming a brain surgeon were usurped by dreams of being a rock star and making a difference, in the footsteps of Lennon.

"Musically, I got turned on to the likes of the Cocteau Twins and Peter Murphy, and had access to all the greats like U2, Sting, The Police and Peter Gabriel. Later on, I got into Tom Waits, Martin Sexton, Sarah MacLachlan, and Ben Harper. It was a time of tremendous inspiration."

He currently performs solo in the Bay Area, and also with The Sun Kings, a Beatles musical tribute (and wouldn't you know it, singing Lennon) while finishing up a degree at UC Berkeley. His CD Go It Alone is a result of an intense period, filled with rawness and emotion. Its just his voice and acoustic guitar, baring his soul lyrically and vocally.

It has been said that when Drew is singing its as if he is singing for his life. This is obvious when he performs.

Drew Harrison has the ability to translate the comedies and tragedies of life into a warm amalgam of sounds. He sings with passion and a voice that touches deep inside, and plays as if a full band was his guitar. A seamless transition between rock, folk and blues, his music is intense and sincere.


  • 2006 Go It Alone

    Go It AloneGo It Alone
    Drew Harrison

    (Drew Harrison 2006)
    Go It Alone -- One -- Tear Becomes My Eye -- Love Will Stay -- Land -- Sometimes Believe -- Forever & Day -- This Connection -- Love Likes Fire -- Chase A Cloud -- When I Want You -- Listening To Myself -- Terrorist

    Musician: Drew Harrison (vocals/guitar)

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