Flying Circus (Eagle by Kevin Haapala)
The Flying Circus: Bill Hybert, Andre Pessis, Steve Bonucelli, John Haapala, Bob McFee (1948-2003)

The original Flying Circus was formed mid to late 60s. First band members seem to have been John Haapala (bass), Kevin "Kid" Haapala (guitar), Bill Berry (vocals), Jim Grandjean (guitar) and Don Perkins (drums). This early line-up recorded two 45s at San Francisco's Golden State Studios in 1966/67: "I'm Going/Midnight Highway" and "Green Eyes Green World/Got To Learn to Love". Produced by Hank Levine and Larry Goldberg.

A later addition to the band on drums was Don Banducci - who was eventually replaced by former The Outfit drummer Steve Bonuccelli. Around that time (1969) the Flying Circus was totally turned upside down because except John Haapala all the band members changed. The new Flying Circus (or often just refered to as Circus) being Andre Pessis (vocals), John Haapala (bass), Steve Bonuccelli (drums), Bob McFee (guitar) and Bill Hybert (rythm).

Bob McFee (John McFee's brother) had just left The Tiny Hearing Aid Company which by that time changed their name to Clover - with the addition of Steve Bonuccelli's former band mate from The Outfit Johnny Ciambotti on bass.

The new Flying Circus, who had always played a lot of shows with Clover - like it did with The Tiny Hearing Aid Company before, released a single in 1970 - "Pony Rider/Betty June" with cover art by Kevin "Kid" Haapala, who would later do the cover art for Clover's "Fourty Niner" album. The single was recorded at Rock Bottom Sound - a label/company formed by Bruce Walford and Paul Stubbelbine in San Anselmo in the beginning of 1970 - trying to give bands a chance to produce demo tapes. 'Pony Rider' was the first single to be released on their Rock Bottom Records label. As a b-side they first wanted to record a song named 'Lazy Mama' but eventually they took 'Betty June'.

 Clover/Flying Circus - Poster by Buehler
Poster from July, 1970 (pictured are Andre Pessis & girlfriend)

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Pony Rider/Betty June

Discography - Flying Circus' 45s:

  • 1966 I'm Going/Midnight Highway (MTA 117)
  • 1967 Green Eyes Green World/Got To Learn To Love (MTA 130)
  • 1970 Pony Rider/Betty June (Rock Bottom WRS 670)
  • Clover/Flying Circus - Poster by Kevin Haapala
    Poster art by Kevin "Kid" Haapala     

    Various ArtistsVarious Artists
    Crystalize Your Mind

    (Big Beat 1994)
    Crystalize Your Mind - The Living Children -- Now It's Over - The Living Children -- I'll Be Around - Poor Souls -- Shadows - Vejtables -- Feel the Music - Vejtables -- Excitation - The Rear Exit -- Miles Beyond - The Rear Exit -- The Train - Transatlantic Train -- You're Bringing Me Down - Transatlantic Train -- She Was a Lady - Transatlantic Train -- I'm Going - Flying Circus -- Midnight Highway - Flying Circus -- Green Eyes Green World - Flying Circus -- Swallow the Sun (Dark on You Now) - Love Exchange -- Light Switch - Mourning Reign -- Cut Back - Mourning Reign -- Kissy Face - Maze -- Dejected Soul - Maze -- Napoleon - Staff -- Would You Take Me for a Ride - Staff -- Morning - Afterglow -- Susie's Gone - Afterglow -- Untitled - ?

    Compilation of tracks recorded at Golden State Recorders in San Francisco. Includes 3 Flying Circus tracks - featuring Kevin Haapala, John Haapala, Bill Berry ...

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