The Outfit/The Tiny Hearing Aid Company - June 1967

The Tiny Hearing Aid Company was a San Francisco-based group of the mid-60ís. Band members included Alex Call, Mitch Howie and brothers John and Bob McFee. They were a live band and have no known recording output. Basically this band played many gigs with other bands at the Muir Beach Tavern - including The (old) Flying Circus, Ugly Harpies and The Outfit. Once the latter band started to play at Muir Beach it only took a few months and Johnny Ciambotti decided to leave The Outfit, replace John's brother Bob on bass and start a new band with the rest of the guys, i.e. Clover. Bob McFee went on to play with The (new) Flying Circus.

Flying Circus/Tiny Hearing Aid Company/Haji Baba Magenta Raindrop/Tiny Hearing Aid Company/Ugly Harpies - courtesy of Terry Hansen


Alex Callvocals, guitar Clover
Mitch Howiedrums Clover
John McFeeguitars, violin, vocals Clover
Bob McFeebass The Flying Circus


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