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Small World


Small World (Part One) (Hayes/Lewis)
Old Antone's (Colla/Lewis)
Perfect World (Alex Call)
Bobo Tempo (Hopper/Lewis/Ciambotti)
Small World (Part Two) (Hayes/Lewis)
Walking With The Kid (Hayes/Palmer/Lewis)
World To Me (Hayes/Lewis)
Better Be True (Colla/Lewis)
Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)(Gibson/Lewis/S.Lewis)
Slammin' (Hayes/Palmer/Adams)


A L B U M    I N F O
  Title: Small World
Year: 1988
Peak Billboard Chart Position: -
Record Company: Chrysalis Records
Notes: Produced by Huey Lewis and the News -- The Band: Huey Lewis, Vocals & Harmonica; Mario Cipollina, Bass; Johnny Colla, Sax, Guitar & Vocals; Bill Gibson, Drums, Percussion & Vocals; Chris Hayes, Guitars & Vocals; Sean Hopper, Keyboards & Vocals -- Additional Musicians: Small World (Part One & Part Two) - Stan Getz, Tenor Sax; Tower of Power Horns; Peter Michael, Percusssion -- Old Antone's - Bruce Hornsby, Accordian & Backing Vocals; Peter Michael, Percussion -- Perfect World - Tower of Power Horns; Peter Michael, Percussion -- Bobo Tempo - Michel Duke, Jerome Fletcher, Joel Jaffe, Dave Tolmie, Jim Moran, Ralph Arista (Dos Gringos), Backing Vocals -- Walking With The Kid - Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Riki Ellison, Ronnie Lott, Jim Vereecke, Jim Moran, Ralph Arista (Tres Gringos), Backing Vocals -- World To Me - Michael Duke, David Fredericks, Backing Vocals; Peter Michael, Percussion, Better Be True - David Fredericks, Backing Vocals; Peter Michael, Percussion -- Give Me The Keys - Tower of Power Horns; Peter Michael, Percussion -- Slammin' - Tower of Power Horns; Peter Michael, Percussion -- Tower of Power Horns: Greg Adams (Arranger), Trumpet; Emilio Castillo, Tenor Sax; Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Baritone Sax; Lee Thornburg, Trumpet; Steve Grove, Tenor Sax -- Bruce Hornsby appears courtesy of RCA Records -- Management: Bob Brown Management -- Booking Agency: Monterey Peninsula Artists, Wasted Talent (Europe) -- Album Credits - Executive Producer:Bob Brown; Recorded & Mixed by: Robert Missbach; Recorded at: Studio D Recording, Sausalito, CA; Assistant Engineer: Jim "Watts" Vereecke; Mixed at: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA; Assistant Engineer: Tom Size (Fantasy Studios); Additional Recording: Jeffrey "Nik" Norman; Assisted by: Michael Rosen; Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NY; Art Direction & Design: Graig Frazier Design; Photography: Jock McDonald, San Francisco; Stylist: Ja Schroeder; Concert Photos: Roger Ressmeyer -- Staff: Jane Brown, Business Manager; Carol Coburn, Office Manager; Lol Halsey, Tour Manager; Terry Persons, Production Manager; Steve Girmant, Stage Manager; Steve Lewis, Assistant Tour Manager; Mark Deeadman, Tour Sound Mixer; Jim Moran, Tour Monitor Mixer; Ralph Arista, Guitar Technican; Jerry Daniels, Keyboard Technician; Carl Ciasulli, Drum Technician; Art Kimura, Set Carpenter; Ann Lemley, Bookkeeping; Ronda Espy, General Manager, Bob-a-Lew Music; Hulex Music -- Tour Support: Sound on Stage (Jerry Pfeffer, John "J.T." Taylor, Roger "Rif" Rifkind); Morpheus Light; Lightning Design (John Richardson); Stage Rigging Inc. (Marty Cohen); Roadshow (Ervin Grinberg); F.M. Productions (Richie Wights); Stagecoach VIP (Curly Jones); Winterland Productions ("Rocky" Donahue); Sausalito Travel (Lynn Willoughby; Tour Comptroller (Bill Leopold); Toby Lubov Public Relations -- Special Thanks: Jerry Bellis, Warren Brown, Alex Call, Ricardo Caltagirone, Mike Duke, Jerome Fletcher, John Francombe, Stan Getz, Dan Godrey, Bob Goodwin, Larry "Taxi" Harvey, Bruce Hornsby, Joel Jaffe, Ken Kotowski, Doug Landfield, Mary Lock, Magda, Brad malkus, Gerry Margolis, Robert Missbach, Dr. Richie Moore, Pops, Mike Powers, Glyn & Ray Racher at Newsline, Mike Razor, Zachary Richard, Norman Salik, Jim Sanchez, CAthy Scales, Bob Shell, Su Suttle, Ken Twining, Jim "Watts" Vereecke, Bob Walker, Michael Zarin; Bananas At Large, Dimarzio, Gibson Guitars, Kahler, Mesa Boogie Engineering, Nike, Peavey Electronics, Select Snare Drums, Yamaha Drums, Yamaha Electronics, Avedis Zildijan


Perfect World

Perfect World
b/w Slammin'
(Format: 7", 12", CD, Video)
U.S. Chart Position #3

Small World

Small World
b/w Small World (Part One & Two)
(Format: 7", 12", CD, Video)

World To Me

World To Me
b/w It's All Right (Live)
(Format: 7", 12", CD)

Walking With The Kid

Walking With The Kid
b/w Bad Is Bad
(Format: 7", 12", CD)

Give Me The Keys

Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)
b/w It's All Right
(Format: 7", Video)


Huey Lewis and the News
Johnny Colla, Mario Cipollina, Sean Hopper, Chris Hayes, Bill Gibson, Huey Lewis


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