David K. Mathews (aka Dave Mathews) was born April 16, 1959 in Berkeley, California. He began playing piano at age seven and at age 15 worked with several R&B bands in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. Thus he has been playing professionally since 1975, performing on the piano, Hammond Organ, electric piano, clavinet and synthesizers.
At age 23, Dave joined the legendary Oakland funk/soul group Tower of Power, replacing the original organist Chester Thompson. He toured with the band for two and a half years. David had some deficiencies regarding jazz though. Once he left Tower Of Power he worked on that playing with artists like Pete Escovedo, Sheila E. and Ray Obiedo. Eventually jazz became his great love.

Since 1990 Dave has been organist/pianist with Grammy Award winning queen of Rhythm & Blues, Etta James (Sugar Pie DeSanto's younger cousin). He has appeared with her at most of the world's major jazz and blues festivals.

David playing with Etta James in 2002

David is playing with his own band in the Bay Area when he is not touring/recording with other artists like Pee Wee Ellis, Lady Bianca, Boz Scaggs, Maria Muldaur (to name a few). David recorded several of his concerts in 1996/97 and used 5 live and one studio track to release his first solo album in 1998. "Down With It!" not only features David's awesome Hammond B-3 organ, but also several accomplished Bay Area blues musicans like Chris Cain on guitar. Chris' guitar on the first track reminded David so much of B.B. King that he had to call it "The Thrill". Drummer on this track is Bonnie Hayes' brother Kevin Hayes who belongs to Robert Cray's band. The list of musician's musicans continues: Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock), Carl Lockett (Esther Phillips) ... see album entry for complete list. "Down With It!" is a superb journey between blues and jazz and highly recommended.

"The Coltrane Connection" (2004) is David's follow up album and underlines his love for jazz. Compared to the bluesy players that joined David on his first album, the musicians on his second album are all accomplished jazz players. The album is a tribute to John Coltrane/Bebop and very enjoyable indeed. From the first track "Airegin" to the last "Thelonius Nutty Dance" Dave's B3, Larry Schneider's sax, Berry Finnerty's guitar and Deszon X. Claiborn's drums are much fun to listen to. Please read the liner notes - link underneath - for further info and most important buy Dave's albums. Another outstanding independent artist that deserves support.



  • 1998 Down With It!
  • 2004 The Coltrane Connection

    Down With It!Dave Mathews
    Down With It!

    (Jesse's Dad Records 1998)
    The Thrill -- Caravan -- Falling In Love With Love -- T-Bone Steak -- All About My Girl -- Old Folks

    Musicians: David K. Mathews (Hammond B3 organ), Jules Broussard (alto sax), Chris Cain (guitar), Mike Clark (drums), Wayne De Silva (tenor sax), Kevin Hayes (drums), Carl Lockett (guitar), Ron Marabuto (drums), Ray Obiedo (guitar), Dewayne Pate (bass), Norbert Stachel (bass clarinet), Hal Stein (tenor sax)

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    The Coltrane ConnectionDavid K. Mathews
    The Coltrane Connection

    (Jesse's Dad Records 2004)
    Airegin -- It's Easy To Remember -- Nite Trane -- Soul Eyes -- Count Up -- Four By Five -- They Say It's Wonderful -- Dr Jackle -- Soul Trane -- Thelonius Nutty Dance

    Musicians: Dave K. Mathews (B3), Larry Schneider (sax), Barry Finnerty (guitar), Deszon X Claiborne (drums),

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