Rose Ann Dimalanta a.k.a Rad. (notice the dot) is a keyboard player/singer/songwriter who grew up in the Bay Area, i.e. Oakland and who fell in love with music from an early age. She started to play the piano at the age of four, became a session player from the age of 15, studied music at U.C. Berkeley and most important, she played in many bands during this time and worked with experienced players like Pete Escovedo and David Garibaldi. Subsequently she developed a complex style which isn't always easy to classify as it is a wonderful blend of funk, jazz, soul, afro-cuban and latin elements - unique and most likeable.

Somewhere along her musical path Rad. bumped into her future husband Michael Kirsch from Hamburg, Germany who was a student at the College of Recording Arts in San Francisco. Both married in 1991 and moved to Hamburg which is also where Rad. started her career. Her debut album "Radified" was recorded in Hamburg and London for Michael's label Soulciety Records. Especially the song "Wishy" with its unique combination of funk, soul and dancefloor-jazz turned out to be a hit in the European clubs. As a matter of fact the acid jazz scene fell in love with Rad. as did the music critics and the debut album was chosen record of the month in several important music publications. Eventually it sold over 50 000 units which is quite astonishing for an independent release. In the wake of the albums success Rad.'s band also opened shows for legendary funk and soul artists Maceo Parker and the late Bobby Byrd.

By the way, before Rad. came to Europe she only used to play keyboards and hardly added her vocals, thus coming to Hamburg helped to bring out her vocal talent. Apart from Rad.'s talents another reason for the album's success might have been the way the album was recorded, i.e. Michael who learned his trade from sound teacher Fred Catero (engineer for Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Headhunters) decided to record the album 100% analog in live sessions - quite a risk if you consider that digital music was extremely hip in the early 90s.

Rad. @ Hamburg's famous Mojo Club
Handbill 1992

Rad.'s second album "Gotta Be" was again released on Soulciety Records in 1994. The album was recorded in Hamburg by some of the cats who already played on the first album and maybe more interesting, in Los Angeles and San Francisco with several well know Bay Area musicians, i.e. jazz guitarist Ray Obiedo who used to play with jazz greats like Herbie Hancock; the Tower of Power horn section (Emillio Castillo, Stephen Doc Kupka, Lee Thornburg, Greg Adams) who had quite successfully supported Huey Lewis and the News for most of the second half of the 80s; Tower of Power's original drummer David Garibaldi; Bobby Vega who played with Zero and Sly Stone; latin percussionist Michael Spiro and the late Roger Troutman of Zapp fame.

 In 1996 Rad. and her husband moved back to San Francisco which also included a split from Soulciety Records. They both founded their own indpendent record label 7 Bridges Recordings and released Rad.'s third album in 1997. "Higher Plane" was recorded at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley and again showcases some of the musicians who played on Rad.'s second release - adding Marc van Wageningen who used to play with Sheila E. before. Marc would also become a permanent fixture with Rad. like Ray Obiedo and David Garibaldi for the years to come. The album itself has quite a dreamy quality to it and is one of Rad.'s most personal recordings. It should be mentioned that the CD is an enhanced CD which allows you to access Rad.'s website, read about the cover artwork, access press material and last but not least, lets you listen to Rad.'s music.

In 2000 EastWest Records released a compilation of Rad.'s first three albums which is quite obvious if you take a look at the cover of this release. Rad. herself released her fourth studio album "Make Every Second Count" which again features many guest stars like Jacko Peake (Paul Weller), Orestes Vilató (Santana) and Norbert Stachel (Tower of Power). The album itself is a throwback to the days of jazz-pop fusion with an unapologetically slick and smoothly melodic blend of adult contemporary pop, R&B, cool jazz, and mild touches of funk, as a reviewer once put it and it includes a wonderful homage to the undisputed King of Afrobeat Fela Kuti simply entitled "Fela".

Rad. continued to tour in support of her album and one of the concerts in Europe was recorded at the end of 2002 and released in 2003 as Rad.'s first live album. "Live at the New Morning, Paris" is a real gemm as it catches Rad. and her band at what they do best, i.e. play live. Rad. is accompanied by Ray Obiedo, David Garibaldi, Dewayne Pate on bass and the superb Charles McNeale on saxophone. As the show was also taped by French Television a live video of the song "Mean & Lean" has been added to the CD and allows at least a glimpse at this wonderful concert. It might be true that the club scene helped Rad. to start her career but it is obviously the live concerts that are what Rad. suits best - which is no wonder if you consider the calibre of the musicians that make up Rad.'s band(s).  
Prince and Rad. in 2004

Due to her outstanding skills Rad. even got a call from Prince and she joined his New Power Generation and toured as a member of Prince's Musicology band as one of three keyboard players in 2003 and 2004. She stayed for almost a year and left again as she just had a baby and needed more time for her family. Plus, she also needed more time to pursue her solo career which might have been more than difficult if she had stayed with Prince who is known for his high quality approach that demands full attention of his musicians.

Following Rad.'s short rest period her next album released was "East Babe" in 2007. The album title is a reference to the East Bay and Rad. herself. In addition, elements reminiscent of Tower of Power and Sly Stone make sure that the messeage doesn't get lost on the listener. Although, the album isn't a pure copy of well known Bay Area sounds. Rad. rather implements these into her songs - all of them written by her and her husband - and the result is an astonishing good album that might even be called Rad.'s best studio album. One should notice that I repeatedly used the word album, i.e. one can really listen to Rad.'s recordings from the first to the last song and feel the unity that surrounds them - a unity that is based upon the skills of well-rehearsed musicians. Rad.'s doesn't waste her and our time with a succession of attempts to find that one elusive hit single. This might keep Rad. right out of sight of the mainstream audiences but secures her a loyal following worldwide. At least artistically, this is more rewarding and in the long run it should also pay off.

Rad. 2008 (l-r): Marc van Wageningen, Ray Obiedo, Rad., Eric Leeds and Billy Johnson
 Like many independent artists Rad. can rely on a growing fan community around the world. Like Tower of Power or Maceo Parker a tour always involves stops in the United States, Europe and Japan. This also reflects the quality of those artists as they are rarely played on radio or tour in support of a hit record. In that sense Rad.'s latest release, like her first live album, can be seen as a tribute to her worldwide following.

"Live in Japan" has been her latest release in 2008. The album was recorded in Tokyo and Yokohama in September 2007 with her current band, i.e. Ray Obiedo, Marc van Wageningen and two "new" band members. Billy Johnson has taken David Garibaldi's drum seat as David tours with Tower of Power who celebrate their 40th anniversary this year. Joining on saxophone is the outstanding Eric Leeds whom Rad. first played with when she toured with Sheila E. in 2001. One can see that Rad. knows all the musicians who are in her band for many years now and has played with them in different band formations. Subsequently Rad.'s outstanding sound is based on friendship with a superb selection of musicians and years of hard work. A quality that many artists lack these days as their touring bands consist of people who hardly know each other, have no idea how to make songs special and somehow try to tell you that they are the greatest thing around.

Those who are in search of music that comes from the heart, music that let's you feel the band and lets you party because the groove is where it is supposed to be, should visit one of Rad.'s concerts. Most likely you will enjoy what you see and on your way out you should pick a few of Rad.'s albums or order them online to support another great independent Bay Area artist. In case you cannot see Rad. you should check out the music on her website or pick up her latest CD which is a good starting point anyhow ... you won't be disappointed!!!

  • 1992 Radified
  • 1994 Gotta Be
  • 1997 Higher Plane
  • 2000 Gotta Be Radified - all the future classics
  • 2000 Make Every Second Count
  • 2003 Live At The New Morning, Paris
  • 2007 East Babe
  • 2007 Ladie Of Funk: Best of RAD.
  • 2008 Live In Japan
  • RadifiedRad.

    (Soulciety Records 1992)
    First Jamm -- Wishy -- Time to Change -- Veinte Y Dos -- I've Been Waiting -- Soul Society -- Homegirls Cha-Cha Network -- Bandwagon -- Private Room -- Get Radified!

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Sven 'Wah' Waje (guitar); Corinna Ludzuweit (percussion); Birte Jessel (saxophone); Matthias Trippner (bass); Soeren Boehme (bass); Jacko Peake (flute/saxophone); Mark Vandergucht (guitar); Ernie McKrone (bass); Crispin Taylor (drums)

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    Gotta BeRad.
    Gotta Be

    (Soulciety Records 1994)
    Gotta be -- Tripping -- Digging the Bay -- Come My Way -- 432F -- Never Say Never -- Venus Drops -- So Complete -- Sister -- Lately

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Ray Obiedo (guitar); David Garibaldi (drums); Marc van Wageningen (bass); Michael Spiro (congas); Bobby Vega (bass), Tower Of Power Horn Section, Roger Troutman; Mike McEvoy (guitar); Ernie McKone (bass); Crispin Taylor (drums); Corinna Ludzuweit (percussion); Rene Robrahn (drums); Martin Drees (bass); Soeren Boehme (bass) Sven 'Wah' Waje (guitar); Hinrich Dagefoer (guitar); Joe Gallardo (trombone); Howard Johnson (saxophone)

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    Higher PlaneRad.
    Higher Plane

    (7 Bridges Recordings 1997)
    Never Stop -- Be With You -- Layin' Low -- Natural -- Emily's Garden -- Guarabe Love -- E.L.B.O.Y. -- Days Gone By -- Higher Plane -- Veils

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Ray Obiedo (guitar); David Garibaldi (drums); Marc van Wageningen (bass); Corinna Ludzuweit (percussion); Bobby Vega (bass); Mark Russo (tenor sax); Damien Masterson (harmonica)

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    Gotta Be RadifiedRad.
    Gotta Be Radified

    (East West 2000)
    Soul Society -- Bandwagon -- Wishy -- Private Room -- Time To Change -- Homegirls Cha Cha Network -- Venous Drops -- Gotta Be -- Come My Way -- Never Say Never -- So Complete -- Never Stop -- Guarabe Love -- Emily's Garden -- Days Gone By -- Long Journey Home -- Layin' Low

    This album is a compilation of Rad.'s first three albums as one can see from the cover.

    Make Every Second CountRad.
    Make Every Second Count

    (7 Bridges Recordings 2000)
    Old Worn Shoes -- Make Every Second Count -- Long Journey Home -- Mean & Lean -- Fela -- On And On -- Cocoon -- Soucis En Grêve -- Simply Forgot -- How Many Times -- San Pablo Avenue

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Ray Obiedo (guitar); David Garibaldi (drums); Marc van Wageningen (bass); Jacko Peake (tenor saxophone); Norbert Stachel (saxophone); Orestes Vilató (timbales); John Bendich (congas); Corinna Ludzuweit (percussion)

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    Live at the New Morning, ParisRad.
    Live at the New Morning, Paris

    (7 Bridges Recordings 2003)
    Trippin' -- Homegirls Cha Cha Network -- Be Free -- Butterfly -- Wishy -- Mean & Lean -- You've Got A Friend -- Before You Say Goodbye -- A Little Love Will Help

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Ray Obiedo (guitar); Charles McNeal (saxophone); Dewayne Pate (bass); David Garibaldi (drums)

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    East BabeRad.
    East Babe

    (7 Bridges Recordings 2007)
    East Babe -- That Ain't No Way -- Before We Say Goodbye -- Baby Girl -- As Of Today -- Next To You -- Be Free -- In Time Win Love

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Ray Obiedo (guitar); Marc van Wageningen (bass); David Garialdi (drums); John Blackwell (drums); Michael Spiro (percussion); Charles Mc Neal (saxophone); Nobert Stachel (soprano saxophone); Sikiru Adepoju (drums)

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    Live In JapanRad.
    Ladie Of Funk
    The BestOf RAD.

    (P-Vine Records 2007)
    Make Every Second Count -- That Ain't No Way -- Higher Plane -- Wishy -- Soucis En Greve -- Homegirls Cha Cha Network -- East Babe -- Mean & Lean -- Old Worn Shoes -- As Of Today -- Never Stop -- A Little Love Will Help -- Layin' Low

    Japanese Best Of compilation.

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    Live In JapanRad.
    Live in Japan

    (7 Bridges Recordings 2008)
    Make Every Second Count -- Back Here Again -- East Babe -- I Got You (I Feel Good) -- Homegirl's Cha Cha Network -- Layin' Low -- Ten -- Trippin' -- Wishy -- In Time

    Musicians: Rad. (vocals/keyboards); Eric Leeds (saxophone/keyboards); Ray Obiedo (guitar); Marc van Wageningen (bass); Billy Johnson (drums)

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