Terry Dolan/Terry and the Pirates

TATP - Photo by Keith Mason
Greg Douglass, Jeff Myer, Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, David Hayes

Long lived San Francisco band who had their first concert June 12, 1973 and then operating on an on-off basis throughout the 70ís/80´s. Despite their popularity in the Bay Area the band failed to sign to a major label but did record several albums for smaller labels.

The most stable line-up of Terry and the Pirates existed between 1981 until 1989: Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Hayes and Greg Elmore.

 TATP - Photo by Jonathan Perry
Andy Kirby, Terry Dolan, John Cipollina

Other Pirates have been:
Nicky Hopkins, Jeff Myer, Lonnie Turner, Bones Jones, Dave Carter, Bill Baron, Steve Derr, Buddy Cage, Andrew Kirby, Brian Kilcourse, Hutch Hutchinson, David Weber, Sid Page, Mario Cipollina, Lowell Levinger, Tom Dollinger, Bob Yance, Stephen Love, Dan Healy, Red Rhodes, Dallas Williams, Joe Goldmark, Spencer Dryden, Pete Sears, Neal Schon,The Pointer Sisters, Prarie Prince, Kathi McDonald, Billy Saunders, Peter Rowan, Rowan Brothers, Marc Neilsen, Jim McPherson, Greg Anton, Greg Dewey, Blue Hazle Hurst, Dahoud Sharr, Jim Stern, Pam Tillis, Michael White, Jarrett Washington, Mark Springer, Mic Gillette, Pee Wee Ellis, Johnny Lee Schell, Byron Allred


Read this interesting article on Terry and the Pirates from Dark Star Magazine - 1979. It includes interview parts with Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass and John Cipollina.


Terry and the Pirates' Albums:

  • 1979 Too Close For Comfort (Wild Bunch; re-released 1994 Legend Records)
  • 1980 The Doubtful Handshake (Line Records)
  • 1981 Wind Dancer (Rag Baby Records)
  • 1982 Rising Of The Moon (Rag Baby Records)
  • 1987 Terry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers (Sawdust/Line Records)
  • 1990 Silverado Trail (Big Beat Records)
  • 1998 Still A Pirate (Private Pressing)

    Too Close For ComfortToo Close For Comfort
    (Wild Bunch 1981, Legend 1994)
    Inlaws&Outlaws -- Rainbow -- Brown Skin Monkey Bag -- Don't Do It -- Mystery Train -- Higher&Higher -- Writing You A Letter -- Fare The Well

    Bonus Tracks 1994 Re-Release:
    Angie -- Yes I Do -- Inside And Out -- Ain't Living Long Like This -- Something To Lose -- So Who Asked Ya (minus Fare The Well)

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, Nicky Hopkins, Greg Douglass, John Cipollina, Steve Derr, Dave Carter, Bill Baron, Buddy Cage, Lonnie Turner, Bones Jones, Jeff Myer, David Hayes, Andy Kirby

    The Doubtful HandshakeThe Doubtful Handshake
    (Line Records 1980)
    Ain't Living Long Like This -- Inside&Out -- Into The Wind -- Inlaws And Outlaws -- Montana Eyes -- Highway -- I Put A Spell On You -- All Worth The Price

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass, John Cipollina, David Hayes, Jeff Myer, Pete Sears

    Wind DancerWind Dancer
    (Rag Baby Records 1981)
    Country Plow -- The Beginning -- Something To Lose -- Poetrain --- Heartbeatin' Away -- True Medicine -- Shadow Of The Buffalo -- Montana Eyes

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass, John Cipollina, Lonnie Turner, Andrew Kirby, Nicky Hopkins, Pee Wee Ellis, Joe Goldmark, Jeff Myer, Pam Tillis, Rowan Brothers, Dallas Williams, Jarrett Washington, Bob Yance, Billy Saunders, Joe Goldmark

    Rising Of The MoonRising Of The Moon
    (Rag Baby Records 1982)
    Rising Of The Moon -- Silverado Trail -- Purple And Blonde -- Genoa -- Razor Blade -- Rainbow -- River -- Gun Metal Blues -- Still Twilight -- Dusty Blue Bells

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, David Hayes, John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, Nicky Hopkins, Mark Springer, Pete Sears

    Acoustic RangersTerry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers
    (Sawdust/Line 1987)
    Nite Hawkin' The Dawn -- Rhythm Rider -- Lost Cargo -- Tree Moon & Tide -- So Hard To Be Soft -- Borrow Love And Go -- Waters Of Life -- Playin' To Win -- The First Kiss -- Corrina Corrina -- Wish I Was Your River

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, David Hayes, Greg Douglass, John Cipollina

    Silverado TrailSilverado Trail
    (Big Beat Records 1990)
    Wish I Was Your River -- Sweet Emotions -- I Can't Dance -- Heartbeatin' Away -- Silverado Trail -- Follow Her Around --- Risin' Of The Moon -- Mustang Ride -- Gun Metal Blues -- Inlaws And Outlaws -- Nighthawkin' The Dawn

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Nicky Hopkins, David Hayes, Jeff Meyer, Greg Elmore

    Still A PirateStill A Pirate
    I'm With You -- St. David I'm Dreaming -- Rainbow -- Clear Water (With My Boots On) -- Sister Sister -- See What Love Can Do -- Althea -- True Medicine -- If Love Could Talk -- Vain River -- Still A Pirate

    Musicians: Terry Dolan, Randy Forrester, David Hayes, Donny Baldwin, Greg Douglass, Terry Hanck, Johnny Gunn, Ed Early, Slick Aguilar, Vala Cupp, Joel Jaffe, Aidan Mullen, Evan Palmerston, Tom Poole, Pete Sears, Dave Stone


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